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About Us


A.V.Y.A. Carbide Router Bits Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer of router bits for the wood industry, as well as for aluminum, plastic, and more.
Custom-made products
A.V.Y.A. specializes in custom-made production of router bits according to customer specifications. We can design a product or series of products, based on our basic models, in various sizes and for all purposes.
Superior quality - competitive prices
Being based in Israel, we can offer competitive price on top quality products. 
Our router bits are produced from high quality raw materials and meet the highest quality standards.  Foremost attention is paid to the finished product.
A Final examination of the router bits ensures that only the best is presented to the customer.
Speedy production and dedicated serviced guaranteed. 
Our expertise
A.V.Y.A. has been manufacturing quality router bits for more than 15 years, and is headed by professionals with more than 50 years of experience.
The professional team consists of skilled, highly trained precision mechanics experts, who constantly develop innovative methods and machinery for the production of custom-tailored products. 
Company activity is mainly focused in
the US. We are constantly looking for additional business partners worldwide. 
Contact us to learn more about our special products.